Advocate. Educator.


Nate Shannon has always fought to strengthen Michigan and is committed to

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    Making healthcare accessible and affordable for all Michiganders
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    Advocating for adequate funding for our K-12 education system
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    Improving our infrastructure to ensure Michigan roads and bridges are safe3

Nate has fought for critical economic opportunities for our communities

Nate kept his promise to fight for Michigan workers. He sponsored a bill to create a program that would assist the development of employee-owned businesses, including ESOPs and worker cooperatives, increasing employee rights.1

Better Jobs.
Healthier Families.
Stronger Michigan.

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Check the facts: 1“ Michigan Bills Would Encourage Employee Ownership” NCEO, 11/8/19, 2 “AFSCME 2020 Endorsements, 3 “Meet Nate Shannon: Michigan State Representative of District 25” Great Lakes Weekly, 7/22/20, Photos: