Advocate. Listener.

Public Health Leader.

Julia Pulver has always been committed to advocating for Michiganders and is dedicated to:

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    Fighting for affordable healthcare for all
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    Implementing public health reform that saves lives
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    Ensuring Michigan waterways are protected from polluters and destruction

Julia has dedicated her career in nursing to patient advocacy and healthcare reform

Julia fought for Michigan families to get the healthcare they need without losing everything just to stay alive. She stood up as a patient advocate against laws in Michigan that hurt patients.

“As a nurse, Julia has seen the effects of lax environmental laws on public health first hand. She understands the necessity of protecting our lakes, rivers, and streams, and ensuring that every Michigan resident has access to affordable and clean drinking water.”

-Mary Brady-Enerson,
Clean Water Action Michigan Director

Better Jobs,
Healthier Families,
and a Stronger Michigan.

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