Community Leader. Listener.

Problem Solver.

Padma Kuppa has always been an active community leader and is committed to

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    Creating jobs in Michigan that offer a living wage and support employees
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    Protecting our state’s Great Lakes and drinking water
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    Making high quality healthcare affordable and available to all Michiganders1

Padma has fought for Michigan’s workforce

Padma kept her promise to address workplace protections. She sponsored a bill that would expand access to paid sick leave, increasing time off and ending small business exemptions, supporting the health and safety of 1.7 Million Michigan workers.2

“She’s easy to talk to. She will listen to your concerns. She’s interested in your suggestions and she will follow through.”1

-Penny Luebs,
Former Mayor of Clawson

Better Jobs.
Healthier Families.
Stronger Michigan.

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Check the facts: 1 “Meet Padma Kuppa: Michigan State Representative of District 41” Great Lakes Weekly, 7/23/20, 2 “Lawmakers Say Lack of Paid Sick Time Puts Michigan Behind During Coronavirus Pandemic” MLive, 3/18/20, Photos: