Community Leader. Advocate.


Kelly Breen has dedicated her career to fighting for the rights of Michiganders and is committed to

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    Investing in Michigan’s environment and economy by growing industries like clean energy, conservation and agriculture.
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    Improving Michigan’s public education system by expanding funding and resources.
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    Expanding access to affordable and quality healthcare for all.1

Kelly has a track record of advocating for the most vulnerable in her community.

As a city councilwoman, Kelly championed protections for LGBTQ+ members of the Novi community. She created and helped pass an anti-discrimination and harrassment policy that increased protections for all regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or other protected category.2

“I have watched over the past few years as Kelly Breen has used her intelligence, passion, and resolve to inform and advocate for our neighbors on the Novi City Council. She is the exact type of no-nonsense official that the public expects to represent them.”

-Gwen Markham,
Oakland County Commissioner 1

Better Jobs,
Healthier Families,
and a Stronger Michigan.

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Check the facts: 1 “Meet Kelly Breen: State Representative Candidate of Michigan’s 38th District” Great Lakes Weekly, 7/23/20, 2 “As Anti-LGBTQ Opponents Look to Roll Back Michigan Momentum, City Council Adds LGBTQ Protections”, Photos: